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Seniors Life Safety's mission is to provide an affordable and reliable medical alert service to all those who wish to live an independent life, regardless of their limitations. Whether our customers are looking to remain safe in a medical emergency such as seizures, stroke, or heart attack, have limited mobility, are at risk of falling as they age, or are afraid to live alone because of home invasions or fires, Seniors Life Safety guarantees to be there to protect them.

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Here at Seniors Life Safety we believe that we are doing more than selling medical alert devices; we’re saving lives. We treat each new customer as we would our own family members. We know that there's no room for error when an emergency strikes.

Our exceptional Client Services Team is on hand every day to help each and every customer with their needs—whether it’s for activation and installation assistance, troubleshooting or testing equipment, updating account information or following up with you after you've experienced an emergency.

When you buy a medical alert device from us, you're choosing to make more than a purchase. You're making an investment in your health.

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Nurse with Protective Mask


Need a doctor? Feeling ill and unsure of what to do? Is your child sick and you need assistance?

Call TeleNurse—we're always here when you need us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

TeleNurse 24 hour "help line"—when you need medical advice, the registered nurses of TeleNurse are available day and night—including holidays and weekends—to assist you.

  • TeleNurse will offer informed medical advice and direct you to the appropriate level of medical care.

  • TeleNurse has access to your electronic health record, so each and every registered nurse who may answer your call will have your complete medical history right in front of him or her.

  • TeleNurse may contact your doctor if necessary.

  • TeleNurse can help you obtain medical information.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


Mobile - GPS with Fall Detection

Looking for a medical alert system that fits your active and independent lifestyle? The all-in-one Seniors Life Safety Medical alert with GPS and optional fall detection technology provides the best and most comprehensive protection at home and on-the-go.


Automatic Medication Dispenser

Automatic pill dispenser perfect for those unable to follow a complex dosing schedule. This dispenser will prevent double dosing as only the current dosage is accessible. It holds 28 doses of medication and can dispense from 1 to 4 times per day. Each dispensing compartment can hold up to 9 M&M size pills.

All the user has to be able to do:
1. Hear the alarm and know what it means.
2. Go to the unit and slide open the door.
3. Take the pills out and swallow them.
That's it. The door will shut automatically, and the unit will then go off at the next needed time.

  • The alarm sounds until door is opened. The amount of time that the alarm continues is adjustable.

  • Alarm sound now comes standard as a Lower Frequency which is much easier to hear

  • Approx. 11" in diameter. Each compartment is 1" x 0.5 " x 0.75"

  • One year manufacturer's warranty


In-Home with Fall Detection 

Looking for a cost-efficient way to stay protected in and around your home? For less than $1 a day, the Traditional In-Home provides the largest range of protection of any in-home medical alert system available.

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"My mother fell going to the bathroom and hit her head on the end of the TV table, resulting in a scalp laceration. She bled a lot and pressed her Medical Alert wrist button and [EMTs] came quickly and took her to the emergency hospital. She returned home that day and 24 hours later, had shortness of breath and confusion. Seniors Life Safety again contacted EMTs and notified me (the daughter). Turns out she had congestive heart failure. Seniors Life Safety is wonderful and we’ve needed them many times over the years! Thank you so much. I recommend them to my neighbor and he has Seniors Life Safety now, too!"

Kris Michaels

“As a result of a previous heart surgery, I have exposed veins on my chest. As I was preparing for bed, my chest itched and when I scratched it my finger nail broke a vein. Blood spurted all over. I covered it with a balled up t-shirt and pressed my Medical Alert button. I was bleeding so bad the shirt was saturated in just a couple of minutes. Blood was dripping off my elbow and when I lifted the compress, blood just spurted out. Thankfully, the emergency crew arrived in about 10 minutes after I used Seniors Life Safety button to call them. I think I might have panicked if I didn’t have the Seniors Life Safety button available. Thank you.”

Reese Mathers

“My mom fell and activated her Seniors Life Safety alert. We were called at around 3:30 am by Seniors Life Safety. They were thorough with calling back even after the paramedics arrived. She fought me tooth and nail to not have a medical alert; insisting she didn’t need it. Now, after 2 major incidents, she’s a believer! COMPLETELY! Thank you.”

Robbie White

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1646 Arash Cir.

Port Orange , FL, 32128, United States

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