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We offer a unique opportunity in our Affinity Program to enter the burgeoning emergency medical alarm market.


Seniors Life Safety Partner

There is no equipment to purchase as you work as a sales agent of Seniors Life Safety. We will be responsible for filling all orders, the maintenance of the equipment and dealing with any customer support issues. Any fee you wish to charge a customer for an installation is 100% yours to keep. We'll share revenue with you for as long as the customer's account remains open. This option provides immediate positive cash flow and is an outstanding way to quickly take advantage of this growing market.


The Benefits of our Programs

Seniors Life Safety provides services across the nation through its network of authorized Seniors Life Safety Dealers and Agents in a market segment that is growing at 17-18% per year. There are more than 40 million seniors, and less than 5% of them currently have medical alert systems. There are another 36 million disabled people in the US. With 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day, the market is growing fast.


The Seniors Life Safety Affinity Program merges the benefits of a locally owned business with the leading manufacturer of medical alert systems, the leading medical alert monitoring center in the industry, and proven sales and marketing programs. This is an outstanding opportunity to create a business that generates a very satisfactory cash flow while building a valuable asset. Seniors Life Safety is an excellent add-on business for home care, durable medical equipment company, or security company; or it can be a highly successful standalone opportunity.


You would be an independent business owner providing installation, service and end-user training, as well as community education and in-service briefings to healthcare organizations and providers. This is your own business, but we provide all the support you need to be successful.


If you would like information on how to become a part of the Seniors Life Safety Affinity Program, please fill out our form below and our team members will contact you within the next two business days.

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