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The set up of your medical alert system will be very simple. Most alarms plug into your phone line in the same way that an answering machine would and require nothing more than a phone cable and a power cable. Your medical alarm will likely come with very detailed instructions on the installation process that will be unique to the medical alarm you choose.

Once your alarm is set up make sure that you test it regularly! Testing the unit about once a month to make sure that everything is working properly is extremely important. You never want to be in a situation where you need to use your alarm and find out that it is not properly set up.

Another important thing to get used to is carrying your alarm pendant with you everywhere. It’s easy to put it down and forget to pick it back up again, but it won’t do you any good if you leave the pendant where you can’t reach it and then find that you need some assistance. Remember, the pendants are water resistant, so you can take it with you wherever you go.



If you ever find yourself in any situation where you need help, all you have to do to activate your medical alarm is press the button on your pendant. By pressing the button on your pendant you are sending a signal to the main unit that is plugged into your phone line. Doing this will cause the alarm to sound though the loud speaker located on your medical alarm. Most units have a speaker loud enough to be heard all through out the house. After the alarm sounds for a few seconds you should hear and emergency operator come over the line and ask you if you need any assistance.



All you have to do in order to speak with the operator is speak exactly as you would when using the speakerphone feature on your phone. Your medical alarm base unit has a powerful speakerphone located on it so that the emergency operator will be able to hear you throughout most of your house.

Once you’ve gotten the emergency operator on the line you can tell them what kind of aid you need, whether it’s something as simple as needing them to contact a family member to help you or if it’s a dire emergency. The emergency operator will then contact whoever you need them to right away.

If for some reason you are unable to talk to the operator or the operator can’t hear you through the speakerphone he or she would then dispatch police, the fire department and an ambulance to your home. Even if you can’t speak, we will still make sure that you are protected.



Once the operator has dispatched the right help for your situation, he or she can stay on the line with you until help arrives if requested. If there is a true emergency, this is a vital feature because you will have a professional talking you through your time of need until help arrives.

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