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Any medical alert system is only as good as its monitoring center. Response has to be lightning fast, personnel has to be trained and knowledgeable, and language barriers can’t hamper communication. Seniors Life Safety is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for all facilities we use to monitor our clients.


Emergency and Non-Emergency Services

Our Monitoring Centers are not just for emergencies, we also provide non-emergency help should you feel you need it. Once you connect with one of our trained operators via your Seniors Life Safety device, you can let them know whether or not you need a family member, friend or neighbor or EMT's and an ambulance.

We Maintain High Standards:

Setting the standard for senior monitoring centers, Seniors Life Safety service includes:

  • Medical monitoring center that is certified by UL, TMA Five-Diamond, FM and the Department of Defense

  • 911/EMT trained operators

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring and operator service

  • Ability to dispatch police, fire, and paramedics

  • Ability to contact designated family members, friends, or neighbors

  • Answering in seconds, responders stay on the line with you until help arrives.

  • Flexibility in response means Seniors Life Safety responders can send emergency services, or simply contact friends or family.

  • In the event you are unable to respond, the monitoring center will dispatch emergency services to your home.

  • Using previously provided information; Seniors Life Safety can give emergency responders access to your home – allowing help to arrive faster and with less damage to your home.


Why UL Certification is Important:

For over 100 years, Underwriters Laboratories has been the leader in establishing written standards for safety. A UL certification is recognition of the highest set of standards for safety and reliability. With medical alarms, time is the most critical factor, and the UL standard ensures that you or your loved ones get the proper and immediate assistance you may need.

Why TMA Five-Diamond Certification is Important:

The Monitoring Association (TMA), previously the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), has been internationally recognized as a non-profit trade association representing professional monitoring companies for more than 65 years. The TMA Five-Diamond Central Station Certification Program is awarded to those monitoring centers that are committed to achieving excellence in the following areas: exceeding quality criteria standards, providing the highest level of customer service, ensuring all operators are certified with the TMA training series, raising the industry’s standards, and reducing false dispatches. There is no room for error when an emergency strikes, and this certification program provides you and your loved ones with the guarantee of receiving the best possible service.

When choosing a medical alert system, it is important to ask these crucial questions:

  1. Is the monitoring center UL-listed?

  2. Is the monitoring center TMA Five-Diamond certified?

  3. Are the monitoring center operators able to dispatch emergency and/or non-emergency services?

  4. Is the monitoring center U.S.-based, or outsourced to a foreign country?

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