Mobile Concierge

Mobile Concierge


Mobile Safety Concierge

A phone call to our monitoring center gives us the ability to locate the cell phone from which the call was made - even if the phone does not have GPS! This revolutionary technology can either retrieve the location from the phone’s GPS (if the phone is GPS enabled, which almost all phones are) or use triangulation technology.

No app is required for this service, because opening an app in a stressful situation is unrealistic and if the app has not been updated, it may not work when it is needed the most.

With Mobile Safety Concierge, your subscriber’s existing cell phone becomes a huge RMR opportunity.

  • This service works with any existing cell phone, on any cellular network-eliminating any hardware or cellular costs.
  • Eliminating the need to carry multiple devices
  • This service is tied to the phone number, not the phone or the cellular network your subscribers still have the service even if they upgrade phones or change networks.
  • Our consumer sign-up web page can be placed on your website where your subscribers can sign themselves up to this service. This sign-up web page can support an unlimited number of concurrent subscribers registrations!

Mobile Safety Concierge is valuable for situations such as:

  • The subscriber may be in a dangerous situation, but is not sure and therefore does not want help if unnecessary. We will locate the subscriber and stay on the line, ready to dispatch help.
  • If the call was made on a college campus, our operators are instantly provided with campus security information and the PSAP responder. TotalTrack can also provide mass SMS notification to every college student the instant an emergency occurs.



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