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Medical Alerts Are For Everyone

Seniors Life Safety medical alert systems have a wide range of uses that aids all ages, not just elderly seniors. Although seniors and aging adults are our main demographic, people of any age can benefit too. And our medical alert devices aren’t just for helping you after you have fallen.

Medical alerts are dubbed “help buttons” because they can be used to help you in any situation. Medical alerts are for useful for everyone, of all ages and backgrounds. Here is one testimonial from 19-year-old Seniors Life Safety member, Ben Deslauriers, about how he uses his Seniors Life Safety unit.

Ken's Story

“I'm a proud member of Seniors Life Safety. Let me first give a brief explanation of my situation. On July 9th of 2015, I fell 15 ft, head first into a concrete basement. I fractured my spine in two places, lost lots of blood, and ultimately suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Now, I was insanely hesitant on purchasing the Kelsi device for the sole fact of my age. I'm 19 years old. I normally see the older folks with devices like this, but trust me, it was totally worth the purchase. Since my accident, I suffered from panic attacks.

On one specific occasion, I was working at a food bank. I began to have racing thoughts and a fast heartbeat. I immediately excused myself and pressed my button.

Immediately someone was on the other line and was able to calm be down while police were sent to my location. They talked to me about what pets I had, my favorite subjects in school, etc., etc. Anything to get my mind off of the situation while help arrived. When help finally did arrive, Seniors Life Safety made sure that the police knew what was going on before disconnecting.

To conclude that specific story, the police were able to calm me down and they drove me home and made sure I was safe before leaving. I am forever thankful for Seniors Life Safety for being there for me! I carry my Kelsi device wherever I go with pride.

I am not ashamed to be 19 and have a medical alert device. I recommend it to anyone. If you're on the edge of whether or not to purchase ANY product from Seniors Life Safety, let me tell you just go for it. You won't regret it. Thank you again for your care!”

Medical Alerts Work for Everybody and Everything

Ben’s story is just one of many that Seniors Life Safety is proud to be a part of. As you can see from Ben testimonial, medical alerts work for all ages. With just the press of a button, you connect to a CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Operator. The trained operator will know exactly how to help you until help arrives. No matter what your specific situation is, a medical can bring you the help you need. A help button can be used for:

  • People of any age suffering from a chronic illness. Chronic illnesses are not restricted to a certain age. You can suffer from an ailment whether you are young or old. That makes medical alerts useful for anybody with a chronic health condition, who just needs an emergency response system. If you have diabetes, epilepsy, visual impairment, or hypertension, a medical alert can be of use to you. An alert device keeps you prepared for anything that may happen. The moment an accident occurs or you don’t feel normal, just press the button a nd help will arrive.

  • Anybody young or old recovering from surgery. Recovery time after a surgery can be tough and lengthy, and not everybody can get help from family or a caretaker. That’s when help buttons come in handy. If you accidently injure yourself further, all you have to do is press your help button. A medical alert will ensure that help will arrive to get you the care you need to have a quick and safe recovery. Whether you're alone, or cannot be supervised, it will give you the peace of mind you need to live calmly.

  • Security against home intruders. In the event of a home break in, press your help button and our operators will do the rest. Seniors Life Safety’s home monitoring systems have powerful two-way speaker and microphones that connect you to our Command Center, fast. The operator will contact 911, scare off the intruder via speaker, and keep you calm until help arrives. With a mobile medical alert, get help anywhere at any time. If you ever feel uncomfortable or fear for your safety, your Seniors Life Safety will be there to help. Our operators are happy to talk to you and help you with any situation. Never hesitate to press your button!

  • Receiving help during natural disasters. During natural disasters like hurricanes, heavy windstorms, or floods, people can become stuck in their homes. During this distress, phone lines may become very busy. Individuals may find it impossible to reach emergency services. Not with Seniors Life Safety! Our Command Center is ready to respond 24/7, even during natural disasters. We even have two Command Centers in different states to protect against natural disasters that may could occur in those areas. Our operators will stay on the line with you the entire time and make sure you are safe until help arrives.

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