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Mom Gave 12 Excuses to Not Wear This One Device—Until Now

You got Mom a medical alert for her birthday. She’s independent and active in her community, but you wanted her to have something in case of an emergency. It’s been over a month since you ordered Seniors Life Safety’s mobile medical alert for her. But the last time you visited, she still hadn’t opened the box.

When you asked Mom why she hadn’t opened the box, she said that she “doesn’t need it.” Before you knew it, she was giving you a million different reasons on why she won’t wear her medical alert.

Mom Doesn’t Think She Needs It

She’s the first person to remind you of how much she can still do. After all, she changed the lightbulb in her high-ceiling hall and unclogged the sink yesterday.

  • “I’m still active.” Mom takes daily walks and does aqua aerobics at the gym, so she sees no reason to have this “old-lady” device. Tell her that the medical alert is there as a safety net. She’ll be able to stay independent longer by having help available at the push of a button wherever she goes.

  • “I’m not old.” It’s great that Mom still feels youthful. Let her know that medical alerts are for anyone, no matter their age. Stress that you’ve gotten the alert for her safety and wellbeing, rather than her age.

  • “I’ll call my neighbor next door.” Mom’s shared all her emergency information with her next-door neighbors. Ask her what will happen when she can’t reach the phone in an emergency. Her mobile medical alert will be there around her neck to get her the help she needs.

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Mom Doesn’t Like the Idea of Wearing It

Mom understands that you want her to stay safe during an emergency. But she says that she’d never remember to take care of her medical alert.

  • “I’ll forget to charge it.” Suggest placing the charger on her bedside table. When Mom goes to bed at night, she can plug in her help button from the comfort of her own bed. Remind her that she remembers to charge her cell phone every night!

  • “It’s going to look funny around my neck.” Let Mom hold the medical alert and practice wearing it around the house. Seniors Life Safety’s medical alert pendants are small enough to slip underneath a blouse or shirt for discreet wearing. Treat Mom to one of Seniors Life Safety’s special necklaces for some fashionable flair.

  • “My friends will think I’m old.” Reassure Mom that her friends are not going to think she’s old. Chances are they already have a medical alert button too! Let her know that this is a perfect time to check in and find out if her friends have gotten one.

Mom Doesn’t Want to Bother Anyone

Mom’s been strong and independent your whole life. She’s prided herself on being able to take care of herself, no matter the situation. That still hasn’t changed as she’s aged.

  • “I don’t want a fuss.” Tell Mom that you’d rather she has the help she needs in an emergency than not getting any help at all. With Seniors Life Safety’s Circle of Care, Mom can choose who comes over in an emergency. You or her neighbor can be alerted first in the event of an emergency before EMS.

  • “I don’t want to waste their time.” Seniors Life Safety’s trained Command Center operators never consider a button press a waste of time. If it is a false alarm, they will confirm that Mom doesn’t need help and then end the call. If Mom ever needs help, they’ll get her the help she needs, fast.

  • “I’ll get in your way.” While it’s hard for Mom to understand, she’ll never get in the way of your day in the event of an emergency. You want to make sure that she’s okay if anything happens. Let her know that she will never disrupt your day.

Mom Doesn’t Want You to Spend the Money

Since she was born during World War II, Mom’s always been careful with money. She’s adamant that you don’t need to buy her expensive things.

  • “It’s too much for you to spend.”Seniors Life Safety’s payment plans are designed to be as affordable as possible. Our alerts cost less than most internet or phone bills each month. Tell Mom that it’s worth it to you knowing that she will stay safe.

  • “I’m not worth this much fuss.” Mom wants you to save money for another vacation for your family. Remind her that you’re still able to do that, even with the medical alert purchase.

  • “It’s not worth it.” Emergencies aren’t planned. As wise as she may be, Mom can never predict when an accident will occur. Even if she never pushes the button, your peace of mind is priceless.

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Mom Doesn’t Want You to Worry

With an Seniors Life Safety medical alert there to keep her safe, you won’t have to worry about what happens in an emergency. Next time you visit Mom, unpack and test her mobile medical alert together. You want her to be comfortable with continuing to stay active and independent. Her medical alert will help that happen.

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