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Activities that Keep Your Mind Sharp

As we age, we begin to experience a gradual decline in our physical health that is sometimes accompanied by a decline in our memory and cognition. Fortunately, the right medical alarm can help keep a senior safe from medical emergencies — or becoming lost due to cognitive changes. As anyone who has ever watched a loved one suffer from dementia can attest, the mental decline caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can be even more devastating than physical health concerns. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do today to keep your mind sharp for years to come. Play a board or card game with friends. Many seniors enjoy regularly meeting up with friends to play bridge, chess, or poker. If this is already a part of your routine, then there’s good news: you’ve been helping keep your mind sharp while you have fun! Different games involve various cognitive skills, including counting, spelling, memory, strategizing, critical thinking, and more. And the social interaction gives your mood a boost, which is also good for your brain. Plant a garden. Just the act of spending time outside in the sunshine gives increases your Vitamin D levels, and this critical vitamin is beneficial for memory and your emotions. Planning, planting, and tending to a garden involves strategizing, critical thinking, memory, and counting, as well as being a rewarding hobby. Learn something new. Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, but never had the time? Many seniors use their newfound free time in retirement to explore interests and develop new skills. From learning a new language to playing a musical instrument or trying a new form of artistic expression, the simple act of learning to do something you’ve never done before gives your brain a beneficial workout.

Play online brain games. Many websites, including AARP, offer a wide array of mentally stimulating games that are specifically designed with seniors in mind. In addition to being fun, these games help keep your mind limber. Mix up your routine. Routines can be comforting, and a lot of us just fall into the habit of doing things the same way without considering that it can reduce brain activity. Doing new things, meeting new people, and engaging in new activities helps to keep your mind sharp. Start by going for a walk on a different route, changing the order of your morning routine or even choosing a different seat at the dinner table or couch. Shifting your perspective and breaking out of an automatic routine can do wonders for your brain.

Medical Alarms for Seniors The mental and physical changes that most seniors experience as they age can have serious implications for health and safety. Fortunately, a wearable medical alarm can make it easy for the senior to call for help, should the need arise. This is especially important in case of a fall that leaves the senior unable to get up and reach the nearest phone. Just like stimulating your brain with activities to keep your mind sharp as you age, checking out different medical alarms and picking one out could be an important part of ensuring a longer life. 

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